Wireless Dog Fence

The hunting dog offers the  latest in wireless dog fence technology by Perimeter Technologies and PetSafe. They provides customers with the most advanced and cost effective Wireless dog fences on the market today. Wireless electric fences for dogs offer homeowers the convenience of almost instant containment for their favorite pets. Best wireless dog fence systems are an inexpensive, effective way to keep your dog in a designated terrritory.

For those that wish to define a more specific territory for their best friend, Wireless Dog Fence Pro offers easy installation instructions for wired fences that don’t require the digging of a trench for their new dog fence. Wired fences can be a much more successful solution for homeowners with an irregular area in which they wish to contain their dog. Although slightly more complicated to install, wired systems offer much more flexibility and certainty about the dog’s fenced area.

Both the wired and wireless dog fence options are considerably less expensive than a typical chain link or picket fence. In addition, electric fences for dogs maintain the beauty of the open green space in the typical neighborhood. At Wireless Dog Fence Pro, we only offer the best, most  technologically advanced products from the best dog fence manufacturers.

We also offer a full line of effective training collars to help your dog learn to reduce excessive barking or for use with the specialized training of hunting dogs.

At, we offer valuable knowledge and resources for deciding on the best solution for wireless or wired dog fence containment systems. All of our systems are fully guaranteed and backed by full warranties to provide you and your pet with years of satisfactory performance. You can rest assured that when you buy from us, you are simply getting the best products availabe. In addition, we will provide you with the highest level of service in deciding and purchasing the best wireless or wired dog fence option for you and your pet. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, contact us so that we can help you find a solution that will keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service agents. We are eager to help you find the most cost-effective wireless dog fence for you and yo

Chain Dog Collars

Good Information On Chain Dog Collars

Chain dog collars come in several different forms. A lot of dog trainers prefer to use the chain dog collar in training exercises. This old fashioned version of the dog collar is still a popular option for owners. However, the chain dog collar can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Choke Chain Collars

This type of training collar is based upon training in fear instead of respect. Many older dog trainers insist these collars are the way to go. But todays dog owner is intelligent enough to know better. These collars are extremely dangerous when not used exactly right, which can be frustrating and scary for owners and their dogs. The basic idea with these chain collars is that when a dog does something inappropriate, the owner chokes him by yanking on the collar.

This helps the dog realize whatever he did was inappropriate. However, it will also teach the dog that his owner is cruel and does not deserve respect. When used inappropriately or left on an unattended dog, these collars can cause injury and death. Please understand the rules and usage of a choke chain collar before using one on your dog.

Chain Pinch Collars

These horrible collars are not used very much these days due to their inhumane aspect. These chain collars work by pinching the dog when the owner pulls on them. They do eliminate the jerking of the neck, but the pinching feeling is also unnecessary. Dog trainers often use these on dogs that are too big to handle. If your trainer is small, it is likely they will need to use rougher means to control the dogs, so choosing a trainer to fit your dog is probably best.

Show Chokes

These metal collars are used mostly for show dogs. They are made of expensive materials and will not twist or break the dogs hair. They are pretty to look at and still offer the training capabilities of the choke chain collar.

Martingale Collars

These collars are mostly made in nylon but can also be found in chain. These collars are best for dogs with necks larger than their heads. Dogs that can easily slip a collar over their head will benefit from these collars. The collar is better than the choke collar because when it is not in use, it will loosen and will not strangle the dog. It is used a lot for training snow sled dogs.

Fashion Collars

Many collar companies are realizing that some dogs owner think it is fashionable to allow their dog to wear a chain collar all the time. This can pose a problem for dogs that wear choke collars, as they can strangle themselves. Therefore, companies are starting to make fashion collars out of chain. These collars have the same benefits and capabilities as a normal nylon collar. They offer a fashionable twist to the chain collar. These collars are safe and effective for all dogs.

The chain dog collar comes in a wide variety of products. Most training collars are made of chain, especially the older versions. Be careful when using a training collar made of chain or injury to your dog could result. Make sure you read all directions and use it appropriately. Above all, make sure you use them in a human fashion.

Pet Rain Gear: The Perfect Winter Pet Accessory

So, why not get your pampered pet a Dog Rain Coat for walks around the neighborhood or trips to the local dog park, or even for a walk on the sand during these cold and rainy months. We dog owners wouldnt like to walk out in the snow without some warm fleece lined boots, and your precious pet wouldnt either.So make sure you dog is kept dry with a waterproof dog raincoat.

Finding some good pet rain gear if you keep searching long enough you will find them.

Your dog needs to be protected with a waterproof raincoat in inclement weather.We dog owners like to be in style and not be smelly, so make your pet the talk of the park in a high fashion dog rain coat or jacket.There is amazing pet apparel available for all breeds and sizes of dogs, some with hoods, velcro closures, leash openings, elastic leg straps and adjustable belly straps.

More and more youll find great selections of great pet accessories and when you find one that has what you want you feel like you won the lottery!

None of us would want our pets to be hit by a car or bike at night, so make sure your pet is safe and visible.In addition, there are light weight waterproof rain jackets, perfect for both light rains or big storms.There are cute side pockets on these dog rain jackets to keep our dogs poop pickup bags, dog treats and keys dry.It is very important to make sure you measure your pet accurately before buying their Pet Rain Gear.

During the colder months its always handy to have a high quality winter dog coats, dont you think?

!Now you and your pet are all set to get out there and knock em dead.

How To Make Your Dog Stop Chasing


The best place to start such training is in your garden, especially if it is surrounded by a fence. With this method youwill stop your dog from having outside distractions as you train him. Before beginning this training, remove any objects that are likely to get your dogs chasing

Make sure your dog is hooked up to a leash, and require him to sit beside you. Next, without letting him touch it, show him a ball. Take the ball and throw it a distance away from you and your dog, then voice a command like stop or off.’ If he tries to follow the ball then restrain him with the lead and repeat the command again ‘Off!This training process must be done over and over until the dog learns to obey.

As the dog begins to obey, reward him. Now, after the dog has learned to obey in your fenced in yard, move your training to some more distracting places, like a well travelled park, repeat the same procedure until your dog learns to obey in various settings. When you are sure your dog wont chase, you can dog date scheduler

Your dog should now have learned to obey in various settings with an attached leash, now use should revert to the original setting with no distractions, and remove the leash. As always, when your dog obeys, give him positive reinforcement in the form of a reward. Repeat the training in different environments with increasing distractions.

Make sure the dog remains on a leash until you are fairly confident he has learned not to chase.

Adhering to this training sequence will assist your dog in learning not to chase. This could save you from the embarrassment of having to chase your dog shouting at him to come back. By properly training your dog not to chase, you will avoid situations where your dog causes an accident or incident to occur due to his innate desire to chase.

Important points to keep in mind while choosing a hamster

While it has been more than 50 years that hamsters got introduced as a pet, it still to this day remains a question as to which type would be the ideal one to bring back home. There are a few criteria that need to be kept in mind when it comes down to the question of how to choose a hamster. We are here to guide you through some of the most important points in helping you get the best furry friend for yourself.

Things to keep in mind:

Choosing a hamster is very easy if you keep some of the most important things in mind. These small furry animals take up less space in your house and don’t need that kind of high maintenance.

Some of the most important points are:

  • Choose the right breed and gender:

It is very important to do a thorough research before bringing in a hamster as a pet. Like several other animals, even hamsters are different in different species. Their behaviour and lifestyle are different with the different kind of species. For example, dwarf hamster can live in a much smaller cage than his bigger cousin Syrian. Better check what is the best hamster cage for each specie to avoid making a mistake. It is best to choose a hamster that will fit into your lifestyle and blend in easily. Another important thing to keep into account is the gender of the hamster. The male and female hamsters are bound to have different temperaments, and it is best to choose the one you will be able to deal with.

  • Physical attributes:

Hamsters come in different size and shapes and forms. The best thing to do when choosing one is to go through with the ones in your likings. Their size varies from 1-7 inches, and it is best to bring home the Syrian hamsters if there are kids in the house. They also come in different colours, some are completely white, while are grey or brown. You can also segregate them based on their hair type which can differ in between either long or short hair.

  • Your interaction with the pet:

It is always best to choose the hamster based on how you are going to interact with it. If you plan on playing with it and cuddle and squish, then it is best to go for the Syrian hamster, but if you plan on watching and observing them and just leave them be, you can go for the more delicate and dainty ones as well.

  • Pick a good pet store:

Getting your hamster from a good and popular pet store is very important because they tend to have the best breed and the ones who are not infected. They tend to take good care of the hamsters and thus sell healthy ones.

  • Look for healthy and young hamsters:

It is always best to buy the young hamsters because of course the old ones will not live long and you definitely don’t want to get too attached only to lose them so easily. Purchasing a healthy hamster is very important as well. Some of the attributes that need to be kept in mind are clear eyes, mouth and nose, shiny coat, no visible lumps in the body and no hair loss.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Gerbil

Gerbil is a small mouse-like rodent which originates from Asia. It lives in arid areas and is also called a desert rat. Gerbils were primarily kept in the laboratory as a test animal, but because of their cute features and docile nature, they became one of the favorite pets. Gerbils are very social and active, which is the main reason they have replaced hamsters. They live well in colonies and unlike hamsters, they are very active and one simply cannot get their eye off them.

However, certain things should be borne in mind before buying a gerbil:

1. Gerbils are social animals

Gerbils are social animals, but that doesn’t mean that you can introduce two unfamiliar gerbils to each other. Two gerbils should be only kept together when they are familiar with each other. Otherwise, disputes might erupt between them that could lead to injury or even death.

2. Cage and accessories

Gerbils need a safe space to play. They also need sufficient space because a cramped cage might make them uneasy. They love to circulate around the whole cage because of their agile nature. They are also highly intelligent rodents, so they might chew on the cage and escape. This is why an aquarium is preferred over a cage. Gerbils also need toys to keep themselves busy because the owner might not always have time to play with their little friend.

3. Handling

Gerbils are very gentle animals and rarely bite. It is necessary for the owner to know that gerbils have a very sensitive tail, so they should never be lifted by their tail. They often leap from the hands and escape, so they should be monitored at all times. Care should be taken, and no cat or dog should be allowed near a gerbil because that would brutally frighten it.

4. Teeth

Unlike hamsters, gerbils always need something hard to chew on as their teeth are constantly growing. Their teeth grind down naturally. If their teeth are not sharp enough or broken, they might stop eating, so close attention should be given, and they should be provided with hard toys to chew.

5. Diet

Use quality gerbil food, but whatever brand you choose, make sure that it does not contain sunflower seeds because gerbils love them and tend to leave everything and consume only the seeds, which results in malnutrition. Moreover, gerbils get obese and sluggish, so it is crucial to choose a healthy diet plan for your little friend.

What you need to know before getting a rabbit

Rabbits are soft little creatures that make excellent pets for children. However, they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance and care. Before getting yourself a pet rabbit, you need to consider the following points.


Rabbits are quite costly. The average cost of adopting a rabbit as a pet is above $60. Then you will have to be prepared for the additional expenses as well such as food, housing, litter, and vet bills.


Rabbits need plenty of space to relax and exercise. Thus, the accommodation of rabbits in your home is important to consider. An area with food, litter boxes, cardboard castles, and a lot of room for your pet to play is ideal. A huge hutch that measures 183 x 61 x 61 cm is advisable.

Moreover, rabbits call for social interaction. They need a place far enough to relax but not isolated from the family. They are social animals and call for developmental activities.

Bunny Proofing

Rabbits are very curious and determined. They can find ways to get inside your computer table, wires, couch, or rugs. They can even chew your important papers. Therefore, you need to bunny proof the area in your house where you keep your pet. This can be done by covering the wire cables and baseboards in your house with plastic guards. You can block off areas in your home by putting baby gates or puppy pens. Remember that some plants can be dangerous for your pet, so make sure these plants are out of reach of your bunny.


Rabbits get bored easily when they do not find anything entertaining for them. They could start chewing on your belongings if they do not find anything else to do. You need to get something to keep them busy. A good option is to build cardboard castles for them and stuff them with papers and tissue rolls.


A well-balanced diet is essential for your pet, so you need to understand all the nutritional values. The primary principal of a rabbit’s diet is fiber. Make sure you provide enough grass and hay for the rabbit to consume at all times.

Bonding and Traveling

As mentioned above, rabbits call for socializing. They are loving animals but usually do not like being held much, though their personalities vary. During traveling, rabbits get stressed, so it is advisable to leave your pet with a pet sitter for a few days when going on vacations.

Once you have researched everything about a rabbit, you can assess now whether you are capable of keeping it as a pet.

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