Good Information On Chain Dog Collars

Chain dog collars come in several different forms. A lot of dog trainers prefer to use the chain dog collar in training exercises. This old fashioned version of the dog collar is still a popular option for owners. However, the chain dog collar can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Choke Chain Collars

This type of training collar is based upon training in fear instead of respect. Many older dog trainers insist these collars are the way to go. But todays dog owner is intelligent enough to know better. These collars are extremely dangerous when not used exactly right, which can be frustrating and scary for owners and their dogs. The basic idea with these chain collars is that when a dog does something inappropriate, the owner chokes him by yanking on the collar.

This helps the dog realize whatever he did was inappropriate. However, it will also teach the dog that his owner is cruel and does not deserve respect. When used inappropriately or left on an unattended dog, these collars can cause injury and death. Please understand the rules and usage of a choke chain collar before using one on your dog.

Chain Pinch Collars

These horrible collars are not used very much these days due to their inhumane aspect. These chain collars work by pinching the dog when the owner pulls on them. They do eliminate the jerking of the neck, but the pinching feeling is also unnecessary. Dog trainers often use these on dogs that are too big to handle. If your trainer is small, it is likely they will need to use rougher means to control the dogs, so choosing a trainer to fit your dog is probably best.

Show Chokes

These metal collars are used mostly for show dogs. They are made of expensive materials and will not twist or break the dogs hair. They are pretty to look at and still offer the training capabilities of the choke chain collar.

Martingale Collars

These collars are mostly made in nylon but can also be found in chain. These collars are best for dogs with necks larger than their heads. Dogs that can easily slip a collar over their head will benefit from these collars. The collar is better than the choke collar because when it is not in use, it will loosen and will not strangle the dog. It is used a lot for training snow sled dogs.

Fashion Collars

Many collar companies are realizing that some dogs owner think it is fashionable to allow their dog to wear a chain collar all the time. This can pose a problem for dogs that wear choke collars, as they can strangle themselves. Therefore, companies are starting to make fashion collars out of chain. These collars have the same benefits and capabilities as a normal nylon collar. They offer a fashionable twist to the chain collar. These collars are safe and effective for all dogs.

The chain dog collar comes in a wide variety of products. Most training collars are made of chain, especially the older versions. Be careful when using a training collar made of chain or injury to your dog could result. Make sure you read all directions and use it appropriately. Above all, make sure you use them in a human fashion.