The best place to start such training is in your garden, especially if it is surrounded by a fence. With this method youwill stop your dog from having outside distractions as you train him. Before beginning this training, remove any objects that are likely to get your dogs chasing

Make sure your dog is hooked up to a leash, and require him to sit beside you. Next, without letting him touch it, show him a ball. Take the ball and throw it a distance away from you and your dog, then voice a command like stop or off.’ If he tries to follow the ball then restrain him with the lead and repeat the command again ‘Off!This training process must be done over and over until the dog learns to obey.

As the dog begins to obey, reward him. Now, after the dog has learned to obey in your fenced in yard, move your training to some more distracting places, like a well travelled park, repeat the same procedure until your dog learns to obey in various settings. When you are sure your dog wont chase, you can dog date scheduler

Your dog should now have learned to obey in various settings with an attached leash, now use should revert to the original setting with no distractions, and remove the leash. As always, when your dog obeys, give him positive reinforcement in the form of a reward. Repeat the training in different environments with increasing distractions.

Make sure the dog remains on a leash until you are fairly confident he has learned not to chase.

Adhering to this training sequence will assist your dog in learning not to chase. This could save you from the embarrassment of having to chase your dog shouting at him to come back. By properly training your dog not to chase, you will avoid situations where your dog causes an accident or incident to occur due to his innate desire to chase.