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For those that wish to define a more specific territory for their best friend, Wireless Dog Fence Pro offers easy installation instructions for wired fences that don’t require the digging of a trench for their new dog fence. Wired fences can be a much more successful solution for homeowners with an irregular area in which they wish to contain their dog. Although slightly more complicated to install, wired systems offer much more flexibility and certainty about the dog’s fenced area.

Both the wired and wireless dog fence options are considerably less expensive than a typical chain link or picket fence. In addition, electric fences for dogs maintain the beauty of the open green space in the typical neighborhood. At Wireless Dog Fence Pro, we only offer the best, most  technologically advanced products from the best dog fence manufacturers.

We also offer a full line of effective training collars to help your dog learn to reduce excessive barking or for use with the specialized training of hunting dogs.

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